ACP ThinManager Advantages


Centralized management No local configuration or operating system on thin client (zero client) Redundant ThinManager Servers Auto-synchronization between ThinManager Servers Management of terminal servers from ThinManager Terminal shadowing from within ThinManager Terminal-to-terminal shadowing Unlimited licensing plans


True industrial hardware Single-click replacement MultiMonitor hardware with single monitor sessions or spanned sessions Share Keyboard & Mouse to control multiple thin clients WinTMC for PC conversion Redundant Ethernet ports Modular touch screen support and ease of calibration Special keyboard handling (ability to block key combinations (CTL+ALT+DEL, Alt-F4, etc, force caps lock to be always off, etc)


AppLink for controlled application deployment MultiSession for multiple AppLink applications Tiling of sessions for thumbnail display IP Camera integration TermMon ActiveX for tight application integration Failover to multiple terminal servers Instant Failover of applications