The Benefits of Shadowing Clients

Here at ACP, we have been working tirelessly to discuss and promote the important distinctions between ThinManager and the competition.   The most prevalent of those distinctions is that while other centralized management solutions manage the server, ThinManager manages the clients as well as their connections to the server.  A prime example of this is the Shadowing feature, which is perhaps the most used ThinManager function by customers as well as integrators.

Shadowing is a function that allows an authorized user to view what is running on a remote client from anywhere using a number of methods with just one simple mouse click or keystroke.  For most system engineers, using Shadowing from their Control Room is the most common usage, as well as being simple and convenient to deploy.  This useful feature greatly reduces the time between an operator reporting a problem and an administrator being able to review the current session.   Now an engineer or administrator can simply view the individual session currently running at any client in the facility without having to leave the Control Room.  With Shadowing, it now takes minutes to review a problem client or session instead of hours. [...]