iOS6 ‘Guided Access” makes iTMC Even More Potent

Over recent weeks there has been a lot of conversation about Apple’s release of iOS6.  Judging by what many people have written, there seems to be a mixed bag of reviews based on the individual user, and how the recent changes affected the applications they use the most.  And while the bigger changes usually garner the most attention, it seems to be the little things that users like the most.

Here at ACP, one of the minor changes to the Apple OS has made a tremendous difference in the proliferation of the ThinManager iTMC mobile app.  “Guided Access” allows a device owner to limit the ability of an end user to access multiple features or applications.  While this feature was initially designed to assist parents and teachers in limiting the device by disabling buttons or user controls, it would seem to have had a much more far reaching influence on kiosk and industrial applications. [...]