Believe In Innovation

Technology moves fast.  But never as fast as it has in the last 20 years. In 1995 Windows 95 brought personal computers even more into everyone’s homes, and the internet entered commercialized public consciousness.

Most all of us now carry small personal computers (in the form of smart phones) in our pockets, and a day without using the internet doesn’t exist.  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality hardware are predicted to become main stream next year while many already use a digital personal assistant like Siri or Amazon Echo.

Manufacturers were once the leaders in “state of the art” technology. Today, many are using dated hardware and not thinking forward or embracing the possibilities of today’s technology.

Relevance, as part of ThinManager, allows instant secure integration of today’s latest mobile technology to the plant floor.  It allows tablets and smart phones to be used for flexible content delivery for the active plant floor worker and modern facility.

Keeping up with technology is no easy task. We work feverishly to decide what to integrate into ThinManager to help our customers stay innovative and in the forefront of productive possibility.

We encourage you to come see ThinManager and Relevance in action at no cost to you.  We are scheduling live roadshow demonstrations all over the U.S.  Contact your local ThinManager reseller to get registered or to request a stop near you.


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