Comp Support customers to receive 3.1 at no charge.

On June 18, 2007 ACP will release version 3.1 of ThinManager. This thin client configuration, management, and security suite for thin client networks now offers even more functionality.

MultiMonitor adds support for up to 5 monitors using available hardware from Advantech and Arista. Using the MultiMonitor wizard a user can configure up to five monitors in a variety of layouts using spanning and screening. When used with MultiSession the thin client can be configured to run a separate session on each monitor through a single thin client.

The new Reporting feature allows a user to generate custom HTML reports that can be printed or displayed through a web browser.

The new ThinManager Mirrored Licensing allows a customer to purchase backup licenses for about half the cost of redundant licenses. Mirrored licensing allows for a backup ThinManager licensing server to be running. If the primary ThinManager server fails, your ThinManager network will continue to run but without access to the ThinManager application. This becomes available once the primary ThinManager server comes back online.

Customers currently enrolled in Comp Support will receive the upgrade free of charge.

Singup for Comp Support and get ThinManager 3.1.

Customers running version 2.6 and 3.0 who are not currently enrolled in the ACP ThinManager Comp Support program can signup today and receive the 3.1 upgrades free of charge when they ship in June. Click here for more information on signing up for the ThinManager Comp Support program.