ThinManager 6.0 What You Need to Know (#6)

Over the next month, we will be spotlighting some of the new features being introduced with the release of ThinManager 6.0, as well as improvements to existing features. With so many additions and advancements to our thin client management platform over the last year, we felt it was important to give you a detailed look at what ThinManager 6.0 brings to the table:

The Little Things

My grandmother was fond of the expression “the devil is in the details”.  Over the years I have heard that same expression used over and over again in many different forms, but it always means the same thing.  Most ideas have value, but it is the execution of each part of the idea that is the difference between success and failure.  After all, anyone can have an amazing idea, but implementation of that idea into a form that is easy to understand and use is what makes it accessible and approachable by the masses.  If it only makes sense to you, then even your best idea is of very little value to the person standing next to you. [...]