ThinManager 6.0 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

ThinManager 6.0 SP1 Release Notes:


ThinManager build 6002:

-Delete workstation nodes before restoring configuration.


ThinServer build 6003:

-Fix module installation on synced ThinServers.

-PXE server was not correctly stopped/started after restoring configuration.

-Fixed sync of packages that did not exist on both ThinServers.

-Restart tftp thread after restoring configuration when necessary.

-Fix disable of Terminal Server when using DNS.

-Changed queuing to better accommodate Delta V users licensing requirements.

-Fixed installation of firmware from synchronized slave.


Firmware 6.0.6

-Support for HyperV virtual thin clients.

-Support for Intel e1000 network adapter.

-Fixed Citrix published applications that have a space in the name.

-Eliminated multiple monitors connections to ThinServer


USB sound module 5.0.2

-Added Soundblaster support.

USB sound module 5.0.1

-Added Soundblaster support.


Use alternate address module 6.0.1

-Fixed config file generation.


Keyboard configuration module 5.0.3

-Fixed support for international keyboards.


Keyboard configuration module 5.0.3

-Fixed support for international keyboards.

Citrix receiver 12 6.0.1

-Fixed config file generation for ICA Client 12.

Soundblaster module 5.0.0

-Soundblaster sound now supported.

Shared keyboard mouse master 6.0.1

-Fixed under package 6 when using MultiMonitor.

Termcap 6.0.2

-Add 1600 x 900 Video Mode for Unichrome.

-Added support for HyperV virtual client.

-Added Intel 965G video adapter.

-Added Intel Q35 video adapter.

-Added Intel 855GM video adapter.

-Added Intel 915G video adapter.

-Added Intel 965Q video adapter.

The ThinManager 6.0 Service Pack 1 can be downloaded from our site at:



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