Real World ThinManager | Part 7

Food Production

• Night-shift worker installed an application with a virus on a PC.
• The infected PC controlled the HVAC system and could not close vents for fumigation.
• The plant had to stop production for 4 days to allow re-scheduling of the required treatment.

• Thin clients prevent access to operating system.

Fumigation of a large food production site takes careful planning and coordination to guarantee safety and prevent contamination. Fumigations are scheduled during employee holidays to prevent production interruption.

At the start of one such fumigation the company discovered that the HVAC computer was not correctly controlling the plant’s ventilation system. The computer had been compromised by the installation of a video game that brought in a virus. The PC had to be rebuilt, and by the time it was ready the window of opportunity had passed and the fumigation had to be cancelled.

Rescheduling the fumigation resulted in an unplanned four day shut down – workers who had to use vacation or miss four days of pay were not amused.

ThinManager Ready thin clients prevent unauthorized users from loading software and can even limit users to just a few programs saving a major security headache.

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