Real World ThinManager | Part 8


• Paper oriented dispatch system forced operators to central area for each new order.

• Wireless thin clients mounted on forklifts allowed operators to receive instructions “on the go”.
• Scanners on serial port allowed verification using barcodes on delivered products.

A manufacturer used a primitive paper system for dispatching the forklifts to deliver materials used in the process. After each run the forklifts would need to return to the dispatch office for the next package of paperwork.

They wanted a modern computerized system but had trouble with hard drives and the vibrations generated by the forklift.

They deployed ThinManager Ready thin clients with touch screens connected to a wireless access point on the roll cage. This let the dispatcher send delivery orders through an interface, allowing the forklifts to run continuously.
Scanners were attached to the serial port of the client so that the operator could scan the bar code of the material to provide a time stamp and to verify the accuracy of the task.

ThinManager Ready thin clients provided another benefit. The wireless reception was good in the warehouse and in the delivery zones, but the runways had intermittent reception. If the thin client ran through a zone with poor reception, the thin client would disconnect and keep retrying. Once it re-entered a good zone it would reconnect to the terminal server and resume the previous session.

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