Real World ThinManager | Part 10


• User interface needed underground in dusty, harsh environment.

• Servers installed at ground-level in controlled rooms.
• Thin clients deployed in the mine.
• IT maintains and monitors from the ground-level.

One of the shafts in this mine extends over a mile into the earth into an extremely dusty environment that is particularly hostile to computers. A PC failure meant an hour delay while a replacement is brought down from the surface. The only alternative was to setup a computer shop manned by IT underground. Neither alternative was acceptable.

ThinManager Ready thin clients have no moving parts so the switch to thin clients decreased the likelihood of failure. Any client that does fail can be replaced from supplies kept underground in minutes without any complicated configuration.

The terminal servers are kept above ground in a clean secure computer room and can be maintained by a surface based IT department. An added benefit is that users above-ground can shadow the units in the mine to see what is happening without having to travel a mile below the surface.

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