Real World ThinManager | Part 11

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

• IT maintaining and updating 100+ PCs on a weekly basis.

• Deployed thin clients and ThinManager’s WinTMC to existing PCs.
• IT can now manage and update the servers that deliver the application.

The IT department of a medical company had to patch and update over 100 PCs, usually every week, to deliver the latest version of Microsoft Office.

They switched to ThinManager and were able to move most of the users to ThinManager Ready thin clients. This allowed them to support and maintain two Office Suite terminal servers instead of 60 PCs.

Some users still required the devoted horsepower of a PC to run development applications like AutoCAD, Visual Studio, and HMI development software, but these users are still able to run the centralized Office applications using ACP’s WinTMC software.

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