Operator Using Camera

Increase Visualization with IP Cameras

When you think about IP Cameras in your work environment, what comes to mind?  You might think of monitoring safety and security of the facility.  That is a completely valid thought.  For many facilities that is likely the main reason that cameras were put in to place.

IP Camera use, especially in the last 5 years, has given way to much more.  A new focus in a modern production environment is “increased visualization”.  Increasing visualization can spawn from anything that makes you more productive by way of seeing more information.  The use of cameras allows you to have an in-depth feel for an environment, not just a view of the screen at the terminal.

Strategic placement of cameras in the environment can give you a view of the true environmental condition of that area.  It will allow you to see the terminal and line, not just watch  what is happening on screen.

Seeing what is happening in the true environment at a given moment can add great value.  Is the operator at their station? Is there a blockage in the production line?  These can be easily answered if you have incorporated IP Cameras in the environment.  ThinManager makes this a piece of cake.

Cameras can be connected to your network, plugged straight in to your terminal thin client or set up on a stand alone network.  The best set up will depend on a combination of the hardware available to you and the bandwidth at your disposal.

Once a camera is found on your network, it can be added as an overlay or stand alone display client to any terminal set up in ThinManager.  Virtual visibility with IP Cameras in your production environment is a low cost but high reward way to increase visualization, safety and productivity.

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