Authenticate Your Way

User Authentication with ThinManager

With so much sensitive data and information out there in your network applications and tech these days, security and proof of identity are of the utmost importance.  When people think security with technology they think first about user authentication.  Most likely they think usernames and passwords, maybe pass-codes as on most mobile devices.

In a modern factory or production environment using ThinManager, there are several options at your disposal to make user authentication fast and amazingly safe and secure.  ThinManager syncs with your existing Windows network Active Directory to provide an easy entry to your users and user authentication.


Usernames / Passwords – The tried and true method to proof of identity.  ThinManager allows for keyboard incorporation giving users the ability to provide their network credentials and access the information you determine, at a terminal in which you have granted them the permission.

ID Badge Readers / Smart Cards – Faster than the traditional username and password, badge readers allow for the swipe or tap of a card badge, or insert of a smart card, to prove the identity of that user.  Handy for touchscreen terminals where a keyboard might not be optimal.  Card readers can also be used in part with a password for even more security.  ThinManager now supports NLA (Network Level Authentication) policies depending on the configuration and desired method of use.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanners – The newest module to ThinManger, finger print scanners add a unique level of security that can not be lost or forgotten by the user.  Truly unique to each user, a fingerprint scanner allows quick proof of identity and is easily incorporated with ThinManager version 8 and higher.


Each method has pros and cons to their implementation and use, but ThinManager allows for each one in an effort to be flexible and incorporate with your business practices and company policies.

We all know that data security starts with user authentication. ThinManager remains the front runner in supporting secure methods for your users to show proof of identity.