Save GREEN with Thin Clients

Forget the political side of Green – just follow the money. Your company is looking for ways to reduce operating costs and a Thin Client system will result in huge savings for both you and the environment. Here are just a few things to consider:

Nominal Power Consumption

Just look at the raw numbers, from measurements ACP has taken during numerous tests –

WorkStation PC 45 to 120 WATTS
Industrial Thin Client 12 to 16 WATTS
Office Thin Client 6 to 8 WATTS

Even if you add the server ‘slice’ required for the client you still get an office grade Thin Client with total use of around 50 WATTS, almost half of the same applications running on a workstation.

On monthly electricity and cooling use alone you will save a ton. But when considering the power used by Thin Clients you have to consider probably the biggest advantage – the fact that you can turn the Thin Client off when it is not in use.

Can you turn your PC off?

Consider all the reasons you may choose to keep a PC running 24-hours/day:

Real-time charting
Historical data logging
Time required to boot (the PC and the applications)
IT pushing updates and running remote backups

Unlike a PC, a Thin Client can always be turned off when not in use. The sessions are always running safely back on the terminal servers, so charting and logging continues and IT can access the applications. Also the Thin Client is going to boot and be back online in probably less than 45 seconds. This means that for many installations the Thin Clients will only be on for a few hours every day – and you have just cut your energy use even farther.

Device Disposal

One final green side of Thin Clients shows up when you consider the end of life issues. Even the best PC is probably going to be replaced every 5 years, whereas the Thin Client can easily last twice that time. When it finally does need to be replaced the amount of material heading to the landfill is much less. Computer disposal is not free and it’s certainly not green!

Add all these points up and you will find that the Thin Client not only gets you green ‘points’ you may need, it saves you money as well. And how often do you get to do something good for the environment and get an immediate payback at the same time?

Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology