VIDEO: ThinManager 10 » New Features

ThinManager 10 is full of new features to make life easier from the administrator to the end user. This version puts a focus on security and productivity and we are ready to tell about some of these exciting new features. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Authentication Passthrough (productivity)
A successful login into a ThinManager terminal will now pass a security token into FactoryTalk Security, and any running session(s) of FactoryTalk View SE on that terminal will automatically take that security token to log in the associated user.  For instance, if you have multiple sessions being delivered to a terminal in a control room environment, this will dramatically simplify the login process.

Previously, a user would have to manually login to each session of View SE—now this is done one time using a Relevance User in ThinManager.  This feature improves both Security and Productivity.

WinTMC updated (productivity)
The new WinTMC client adds support for Virtual Screens, Tiling and IP Cameras – this will make WinTMC the first of our mobile clients to support these features. This allows users of a mobile Windows 10 device to maintain a control room view while on the move.

Password Caching and PIN Authentication (security)
Users can now use Password Caching to simplify mobility with in their work shift. A password authentication at the beginning of their shift will be cached to allow the user to move from terminal to terminal with only a simple badge scan, thumb scan or entered PIN without having to re-enter a password. The cache time out is set by the ThinManager administrator.

uTMC and Hololens (visualization)
ThinManager now supports the Microsoft Hololens with the uTMC client application. With added support for QR Codes, Bluetooth Beacons and Location Based content delivery; the support of the Hololens is now a reality and a truly ground breaking way to deliver essential content while keeping hands free to work was needed.

Resolvers (mobility)
With ThinManager 10, bluetooth enabled devices can now be used as a beacon for authentication. In addition, Version 10 leverages technology from Cisco’s HyperLocation with wifi and BeaconPoint with bluetooth to greatly improve indoor location resolving.

These are just some of the features that make ThinManager 10 the essential piece to the Connected Enterprise and today’s modern production environment. ThinManager 10 continues to build on the ThinManager Platform, the world leader in thin client management & industrial mobility solutions.