Thin Clients Down Under

The government of Australia has clearly recognized the value of Thin Client computing.  They are in the process of looking for a Thin Client solution that can be used for 95,000 users of their Department of Defense.

The reasons they are pursuing the change is that they are convinced it will save them money.  Here is a quote from their document requesting bids from Thin Client providers:

“Defense is seeking a renewed desktop environment that delivers a reduction in hardware costs, an increase in the life of desktop hardware, improvement in existing desktop functionality and monitoring”.

This is not a small project.  These 95,000 DOD workers are currently serviced by an estimated 115,000 desktop computers.  Because of this, the cost savings to the Aussies will be significant.  Thin Clients run on average three to four times as long as PCs before they need to be replaced.  Plus the average Thin Client will be less expensive than the average desktop.

But even more important than the actual money saved in hardware costs are the associated cost savings realized by not having to replace PCs that often.  Lost worker time, tied up IT resources, configuration of new desktops – all of that is where the big expense lies.  On those rare occurrences when a Thin Client needs to be replaced you simply plug the new client in and turn it on.

Imagine how disrupted your day would be if someone came in and said it was time to replace your PC.  Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to go through that ever again?

Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology