ThinManager 6.0 What You Need to Know (#2)

Over the next month, we will be spotlighting some of the new features being introduced with the release of ThinManager 6.0, as well as improvements to existing features. With so many additions and advancements to our thin client management platform over the last year, we felt it was important to give you a detailed look at what ThinManager 6.0 brings to the table:



ThinManager originally released TermSecure years ago during the ThinManager 3.0 launch.  Since then, it has become a favorite of end users, integrators, and many people in the ACP office.  Originally offered as an additional module for added security, it has evolved into a “must have” feature for any industrial location or application.

At its core, TermSecure serves as an additional layer of security by providing a method for adding users to a management tree while requiring a physical login for operators at all designated HMI terminals throughout any facility using ThinManager ready thin clients and a ThinServer.  This applies to any application, virtual desktop, or user session.

The added advantage of TermSecure is that operators and supervisors are no longer tied to a single terminal or workstation.  Now, anyone can access their specific session or authorized HMI access from any terminal without having to run back to their office or control room to access their servers.

By controlling specific user access to different HMI applications or specific terminals, TermSecure also increases productivity.  Normally, increased security does the opposite by slowing down productivity.  But that is the beauty of TermSecure.  Now, thanks to RFIDeas (, TermSecure has additional functionality by allowing for proximity cards to be used so that no manual login is needed when an operator moves to a different workstation.

Now, with the release of ThinManager 6.0, TermSecure comes as a standard feature with all XLi licenses and ThinServer purchases.  For more information, you can visit or watch our TermSecure preview video at:


Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology