ThinManager 6.0 What You Need to Know (#3)


Over the next month, we will be spotlighting some of the new features being introduced with the release of ThinManager 6.0, as well as improvements to existing features. With so many additions and advancements to our thin client management platform over the last year, we felt it was important to give you a detailed look at what ThinManager 6.0 brings to the table:


As we draw closer to the ThinManager 6.0 Launch Event, there is a lot of discussion about what new feature people are most looking forward to seeing in action, and while there are many items making the list, the single most anticipated thing isn’t a feature or a module or a system upgrade…it is a downloadable app.

In April, ThinManager iTMC will join ThinManager Mobile in the Apple App Store and change the way people view thin client management. iTMC truly offers the best of both worlds, allowing your iPad to be used as a full blown thin client from anywhere in your facility while offering the same security and utility as a hard wired thin client. While your iPad is running the iTMC app, it functions as a ThinManager managed Windows client that can run multiple server sessions at the same time.

Not only does iTMC allow you to take full advantage of our MultiSession technology, but it allows an operator to use and select between numerous MultiSessions running at the same time at different resolutions. iTMC allows you to select the best resolution to fit your HMI.

Additionally, iTMC can use the Failover feature provided by ThinManager. Now a user can assign their iPad to several terminal servers and auto detect a backup terminal server. So if a server fails, your iPad will switch to the backup and prevent any downtime.

Simply put, iTMC is the next logical progression in thin client management, and the makers of ThinManager are excited to be the ones to deliver it to the marketplace. For more information please visit:


Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology