ThinManager 6.0 What You Need to Know (#4)

Over the next month, we will be spotlighting some of the new features being introduced with the release of ThinManager 6.0, as well as improvements to existing features. With so many additions and advancements to our thin client management platform over the last year, we felt it was important to give you a detailed look at what ThinManager 6.0 brings to the table:


COMP Support

Within the ever growing world of consumers, there is a consistent offer made by companies far and wide that usually looks something like this:

“We provide you with award winning service”

I can’t think of a single purchase I have made in the last 10 years that did not provide a similar statement.  Yet, when a problem with my purchased product does arise and I contact the product manufacturer, the service I receive is usually the antithesis of “award winning”.   More often than not, my call is being routed to a random call center half a world away to a customer service representative whose knowledge of my product consists of the same documentation I was given at the time of my purchase.

While the number of products and services available to consumers is on the rise, it feels like quality customer service is quickly becoming an endangered species.  This is why ACP has implemented their COMP Support to combine customer service, technical support, and scheduled maintenance.

For those who opt for yearly enrollment, the benefits begin immediately after their purchase.  Unlike some companies who “farm out” their service department to a remote call center or 3rd party warranty company, ACP provides real help that provides real solutions.  The people who are available to answer your questions and solve your complex integration issues are the same people who developed ThinManager.  ACP believes that if you have questions, you should be able to get answers directly from the source!

Perhaps the best part of COMP Support is that currently enrolled end users automatically receive new software releases at no cost.  Considering that the ThinManager 6.0 release will be the third total platform upgrade in the last 14 months, COMP Support is a truly cost effective maintenance plan.  ACP understands the frustration that consumers feel when spending money on a product, only to have a newer version released soon after…and COMP Support will make sure that is never an issue with your ThinManager purchase.


Visit for more information on COMP Support and see how easy it is to protect and even improve your thin client management software for years to come.



Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology