ThinManager 6.0 What You Need to Know (#5)

Over the next month, we will be spotlighting some of the new features being introduced with the release of ThinManager 6.0, as well as improvements to existing features. With so many additions and advancements to our thin client management platform over the last year, we felt it was important to give you a detailed look at what ThinManager 6.0 brings to the table:

Firmware Packages

In today’s fast paced business world, companies are releasing updates, upgrades, and patches quicker and more frequently than ever before. With a multitude of different hardware manufacturers and software developers in the modern marketplace, it is both necessary and maddening to have to keep up with the constant wave of changes required to keep everything tied into your network up to date and running smoothly.

As ThinManager 6.0 prepares for launch, we thought it was necessary to show everyone that even a standard Firmware upgrade can bring something extra to the table. After all, not all Firmware upgrades are created equally. And because ThinManager is so versatile and efficient, we felt that our latest Firmware upgrade should reflect the same cutting edge attitude as our upgraded ThinManager ready thin client management platform.

Of course, the new Firmware release will contain a much broader group of hardware manufacturers and product lines that are fully supported…which is what any Firmware update would do. But the new ThinManager Firmware update also brings a new twist to its already versatile platform by allowing end users to run and select between multiple Firmware versions simultaneously.

Instead of penalizing your network for using a variety of hardware devices that require multiple Firmware versions, ThinManager allows you access and choose between both 5.0 and 6.0 while running on the same network. Now our users can mix their older hardware and newer hardware in the same facility because of the versatility of our ThinManager ThinServer technology.

Now, you can upgrade to ThinManager 6.0 without having to worry about continued support and continuity for older hardware that will only play nice with our 5.0 platform. After all, you shouldn’t have to buy new hardware to continue using the same software just because it has been improved. We maintain that legacy support is just as important as innovation and that the end user should have the opportunity to choose when it is time to upgrade their own hardware.

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Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology