Top 10 Advantages to Using ThinManager

We all know that ThinManager is great, but do you know all the ways ThinManager can help you?  Here are the top 10 advantages of using ThinManager:

1.  Security: ThinManager knows the best security is not letting the problem close enough to be an issue, so we’ve created a secure environment. Terminal Servers can be secured away from public access, USB ports are closed by default and there are no CD or floppy drives to compromise security.  With TermSecure™ we added a second level of security with features like having users access and privileges controlled by administrator, an Auto-login option, and a key blocking module.

2.  Safety in Numbers: The client devices actually protect the centralized computing environment.  Additionally, setting up and securing one terminal server can support secure computing for as many as 30 or 40 terminals and users.  Setting up that many PC stations would take a lot of time, money and man power.  ThinManager configuration takes about 5 minutes per terminal and requires no special personnel, thus making it a cost effective alternative to traditional PC set ups.

3.  Not Susceptible to Viruses: ThinManager has a strong immune system. The client firmware itself is impervious to worms or viruses and ACP’s  remote boot technology means the client doesn’t even retain the firmware local to the device.  If the firmware were actually compromised, simply rebooting the client is all it would take to solve the issue.  Compare this to the time and money it would take to supply updates to each and every PC, or the maintenance required to remove a virus.

4.  Get Your License here: Whatever your licensing needs, ThinManager has you covered. Enterprise editions bring the ThinManager platform to enterprise installations, allowing an unlimited number of connections by ThinManager-Ready thin clients. ThinManager can also be purchased in 5, 10 and 25 packs for smaller installations.

5.  ThinManager Spreads the Love: When you use SmartSession with ThinManager, you add the power of load balancing.  Rather than manually configuring half of your clients to connect to one server and half to another, you can let ThinManager decide in real time exactly which terminal server is most available. ThinManager-Ready thin clients automatically select a server with the lightest load, minimizing wasted resources and is achieved without installing software on servers.  Spreading the processing load across servers offers assurance that your terminal servers are performing efficiently.

6.  ThinManager is Low Maintenance: ThinManager  ensures ease of use and maximum ROI. ThinManager does not have a user accessible operating system so there is no virus that exists to infect them.  You save time and money because updates and scans are not required to keep ThinManager happy.  CE based Thin Clients have even been known to propagate viruses to Windows Terminal Servers. You can also manage, patch and upgrade a few terminal servers instead of dozens of PCs, increasing ROI. Thin Clients can be replaced in minutes (instead of the hours required with PCs) minimizing downtime and cost.

7.  Green is the New Black: ThinManager is eco-conscious and believes in conserving energy whenever possible. Thin clients consume about 80 percent less energy than personal computers while providing the same look, feel and benefits of a PC.  Thin clients have low power consumption due to the lack of hard drives, peripherals and the use of cooler low-power CPUs. They also generate less heat, lightening the load on the air conditioning system. 

8.  Long Live ThinManager: ThinManager-Ready thin clients have a projected life of 10 years or more – a user has yet to replace a ThinManager-Ready Thin Client because of poor application performance.  The useful lifespan of a PC is 2 to 3 years due to not being able to run the latest software. ThinManager’s long lifespan saves money.

9.  Failover Makes the Grade: ThinManager-Ready Thin Clients can be configured to recognize when a primary Terminal Server fails and automatically find and connect to a secondary server. This limits downtime in environments where loss of production must be minimized, again saving time and money.  A big A+ in ThinManager’s grade book.

10. Stay Fat and Get Thin: ACP’s WinTMC provides fat clients (PCs) with ThinManager features to extend the life of existing computer equipment. When the fat client finally fails, drop in any ThinManager-Ready Thin Client and you are up in running in about five minutes. Only with ACP can you extend the life of PCs as a fat client, then experience a seamless transition to a true Thin Client when the PCs hardware finally fails. 

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why ThinManager is considered one of the best ways to increase ROI in most industrial settings.  ThinManager is the most functional complete Thin Client Management Software in the world.  To learn more, visit ThinManager or or Download now.

Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology