MailBag Friday (#25)

Every Friday, we dedicate this space to sharing solutions for some of the most frequently asked questions posed to our ThinManager Technical Support team.  This weekly feature will help educate ThinManager Platform users and provide them with answers to questions they may have about licenses, installation, integration, deployment, upgrades, maintenance, and daily operation.  Great technical support is an essential part of the ThinManager Platform, and we are constantly striving to make your environment as productive and efficient as possible.



I have an installation with four thin client HMIs using Advantech thin clients with Advantech USB touch screens on a ThinManager Platform 5.0 installation.  Currently, the USB touch screens do not work.  I have tried the Penmont driver and the generic USB touch screen drivers with no luck.  Any ideas?



They are not fully compatible with your ThinManager Platform 5.0 installation over USB, but they will work via a Serial connection. To use the USB connection, we would suggest either upgrading to the latest ThinManager Service Pack or to ThinManager 6.0. We know that this unit works via USB and Serial on TM6.

You can download ThinManager 6 AND Service Pack 1 from our downloads site:

After downloading and installing, you will have to relicense the software at our licensing site:




My  facility currently uses a two terminal server configuration. We recently performed a restart on one of them.  After it came back online, we received an licensing error on two of our terminals saying that there were no available licenses on the terminal server.  After opening ThinManager on the terminal server, all of the licenses were listed as invalid, with the error code stating there had been an invalid installation ID. After trying to reinstall the ThinManager licenses, the same error occurred.  Please help!



The installation ID can change if there is a change to the servers network adapters, motherboard, or operating system.  This change could have happened any time since you last restarted the machine. It just wasn’t noticed until this reboot.  You can check on your second server by going into the licensing window in ThinManager and making sure the licenses for that server show up in the list with a green icon.

You will just need to reactive your licenses for the first server with the new installation ID.

Go to, log in, select Activate License, and fill out the license number and new installation ID.  This will give you a new license file to install on the server.




What versions of RDP you support (all versions from 5.x to 7.x ) or some of them ?


We  currently support RDP 5.1 and are working to add features from later versions into our later releases.




Are there some limitations to use touch screens with a thin client ? Can we have multiples touch screens connected to one thin client ?



You may have multiple touchscreens in use with one thin client. You will need to add multiple touch screen modules to the terminal for them to register.

You can review specifics here:




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