ThinManager 6.0 Service Pack 2 Release Notes:

ThinManager 6.0 SP2 Release Notes:





-Clear second mac from database when clearing Terminal ID.

-Fix detection of feature support by model.



-Fix to tftp thread startup/shutdown.

-Take into account second MAC when identifying hardware in DHCP server.

-Fixed registry entry default values.

-Added package validation to database integrity check.

-Fixed module parameters returned by stored procedure.

-Fix to cleanup of entries in database when monitor connection lost.

-During replacement use PIC ids to determine if it is appropriate to set model back to Generic/PXE.


Package 6

-RDP SSL certificate fixes.

-Fix date/time when using time zone redirection.

-Windows Server 2008 drive redirection enhancements.

-Fix mouse pointer when shadowing a multi-monitor thin client.

-Retain DNS settings provided by ThinManager, instead of DNS settings from the DHCP server.

-Support for EELY touch controller (USB).

-Performance enhancements for sound redirection.

-Quicker shadow initiation.

-PC Prox Sonar module.

-Fix to ICA module.

-Support for IR Touch Series K touch controller.



-Added support for Intel Clarkdale

-Added support for Intel 845G

-Added support for Intel Arrandale



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