Using ThinManager – Location Resolver Technology

ThinManager’s zero client computing has always been the most secure way to deliver content to your plant floor terminals. The industry leading security of ThinManager now offers the only location-based mobile platform that allows you to create & configure secure “walls” around your data and applications using location resolvers. You gain complete control of the floor through their configuration. We call this location-based technology Relevance.

Location resolvers in Relevance are used to define locations throughout your plant. Examples of defined locations can be as broad as the entire network, a tethered thin client terminal, or a defined “geo-fenced” area.  Relevance uses technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, NFC and QR Codes to let administrators define an unlimited number of locations.

With your locations defined, you can now deliver applications and content based on location to any number of modern mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.


    • Transfer – An authenticated user on a mobile device can transfer the content from a tethered terminal to their mobile device.  When finished they can return it or have it return if the user leaves the “geo-fenced” location defined by the ThinManager Administrator.
    • Clone – An authenticated user with high level or “Supervisor” access can receive content on their tablet cloned from each line as they pass between defined locations allowing them to easily monitor statuses and reports as they supervise.
    • Shadow – From across the plant floor a supervisor can use their tablet to troubleshoot or monitor a tethered station without having to walk all the way to the physical terminal.


These are just a few examples of the ways in which resolvers might be used with added modern mobile solutions within a production environment.

Location resolver technology is what sets ThinManager Relevance apart from all other mobile solutions.  Relevance resolvers are all about your security. Relevance allows you to incorporate mobility anywhere in your production environment while also securely preventing that mobility from going anywhere outside of your production environment.

Want to learn more? Watch our video below about using ThinManager location resolvers with an iPad.