MailBag Friday (#4)

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I am having trouble getting a workstation with Thin Manager to connect to a Thin Server. I see the communication status blink green, but then goes off immediately.

Then it returns an Error that states “The RPC server is unavailable.” and another Error “800706ba”

The Thin Server that I am trying to connect to is running with Server2008 R2 OS. I have tried to connect from an XP box, and another Server2008 system.

Both give the same results.

Any help will be appreciated!


Cale K.



It is probably a permission issue, or a issue with DCOM, especially on the XP box.
2008 Server:
This has been tightened severely compared to Server 2003. Check our tech note and see if you’ve followed these steps. If you skip one it won’t work. Also pay attention to the ports/firewall.
XP Workstation:
This is usually a permission issue, often with DCOM.






I have taken over management of the ThinManager servers that operate at one of our facilities and was wondering how I can obtain Report Templates that we see in the reports option.

Please advise and thank you for your help.

Greg W.




Our reports are composed of two parts, a sql query and the html template that displays the results of the query.

These are stored in either the Reports or Reports Templates folders in the ThinManager directory.

Selecting which report to show in the Report tab is done by selecting “View > Reports” from the ThinManager menu bar and selecting the report in the “Select Reports” window.

You can print the reports by right clicking on a report and selecting “Print” or by selecting “View > Print”.

We also have a method of running the reports on a regular basis. It is explained in the Tech Note:

We also have a mechanism to replace the ACP logo on the reports with your own. See this Tech Note for that info:





To whom it may concern;
I am a contractor working for a company which uses the ACP Thin Manager product for some of our applications. We are in the process of implementing Microsoft updates patches to our various systems, and we need to know if there has been any testing to ensure individual patches will not negatively impact your product. Is there any information you have that could help us with this?
Valerie S.



There are no known issues with any Microsoft patches at this time.






Is there any technotes or direction on how to use the iPad application?   Also, I downloaded and installed the beta version because it was the only one I could find.  Where do I get the previous version that is not a beta.


I have been able to connect an iPad to our Thin Client system but when I connect, the terminals do not load in the left hand side of the iPad app.  The other controls work and load (Display Servers, Display Clients & TS Users) but no terminals.  I was able to get them to load but now I can’t get them to load at all.  I believe that when I upgraded my license earlier this year it should have included the licensing for the iPad application?  Please confirm.

Richard A.




We have an iTMC article which should answer all of your questions:


Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology