Five Ways to Get Thin This Summer

It is that time of the year again.  The days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer, and the cover has been taken off the pool.  With summer right around the corner, people everywhere are trying to get thin in time for swimsuit season.  But what about your office?  Your factory?  Your remote facilities?  Fear not, ThinManager has five simple tips for them to get thin this summer:


1) Eliminate Bloat:

Reclaim your desk by getting rid of your big PC towers and huge CRT monitors.  By switching to thin clients, you can greatly reduce your energy costs and enjoy a more efficient work environment.  A thin client network will allow your infrastructure to stay agile and allow you to easily change your architecture whenever there is a need.  ThinManager knows that there is no easier way to manage thin clients than the ThinManager Platform…and an organized and agile business is a successful business.


2) Keep Focused:

Why spend time and money every month patching and updating individual PC workstations?  ThinManager centralizes administration of all of your applications so you can use your IT resources for improvements and expansion instead of maintenance.  By using our AppLink feature, you can designate which terminals can access which applications.  This emphasis on improved efficiency is just one way ThinManager helps your business continue pushing forward after adopting a thin lifestyle.


3) Avoid Stress:

Research has showed time and time again that being in a stressful environment makes it far more difficult to get thin.  Thankfully, ThinManager can help monitor and alleviate stress with our SmartSession feature.  By polling all active servers and determining their current load based on CPU usage, memory usage, and total number of current sessions, ThinManager will connect your thin clients to the server with the lightest load.  Eliminating stress by improving functionality is a great way to get thin.


4) Stay Moving:

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion. ThinManager gives you the ability to stay connected without being chained to a desk by offering a complete mobile solution. With ThinManager Mobile you can shadow clients, change configurations, and even reset individual clients from anywhere in your facility.  The iTMC app allows you to turn your iPad into a full blown thin client giving  you to access your applications or desktop  from anywhere…even the gym!


5) Healthy Intake:

It is often said that the hardest part of getting thin is adopting a healthy lifestyle.  One of the most important steps toward that goal is making sure that you are only taking in healthy data. Unfortunately, nearly half of all viruses come from inside your facility.  That is why ThinManager allows you to restrict the USB ports on designated thin clients to eliminate viruses that can be transferred via secondary user devices.  For additional security, TermSecure by ThinManager works to reduce internal risks by granting or denying specific user access to thin clients, terminal server applications, and sessions with permission groups.



This summer, don’t just talk about adopting a healthy lifestyle.  Let ThinManager help you embrace the power of thin!


Tom Jordan

Marketing Lead for ThinManager - A Rockwell Automation Technology