The 2012 ThinManager Roadshow Rolls to the Finish Line

Earlier this year, we wrote an article explaining the long and proud history of the ThinManager Roadshow.  Since then, the Roadshow has spent the summer traveling across tens of thousands of miles while visiting eight cities, two countries, and hundreds of people all wanting to know how to get the most out of their ThinManager ready thin client systems.

This year, ACP raised the bar by holding the Roadshow at some of the most famous and eclectic locations we could find to make sure that after spending a day talking about how ThinManager increases efficiency managing automated industrial environments, that everyone could have a little fun.  From stadiums, to racetracks, to museums, the legend of ThinManager continues to spread across the land. [...]

Bringing a whole new meaning to “State-Of-The-Art”

For more than a decade, ThinManager by ACP has been helping companies and municipalities manage State-Of-The-Art automated facilities across the globe.  Chances are that every day, you buy or use a product or service that ThinManager has helped deliver to you.

Over the years, our ever-expanding customer base has become the impetus for more ThinManager training and education offerings.  From our Roadshow which comes to your hometown to deliver product knowledge to your front door, to our large product launch events, we have always looked for new and better ways to make sure that you get the most out of your ThinManager based thin client systems. [...]

Where is the Real Return on Thin Client Investment?

Everything you read about thin clients, zero clients, or anything other than a PC will tell you there is a device that is better and saves you more money compared to their competition.  More often than not, these claims are validated by a report paid for by a hardware manufacturer that only talks about their specific client matched up against another client chosen as comparative fodder because they know they can beat it.  These reports are not false, nor are they inaccurate.  They are, however, slanted to omit where the savings really are to paint a far prettier picture.  After all, their first, last, and only reason for commissioning such a report is to sell you their newest hardware release. [...]

ThinManager 6.0 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

ThinManager 6.0 SP1 Release Notes:

ThinManager build 6002:

-Delete workstation nodes before restoring configuration.

ThinServer build 6003:

-Fix module installation on synced ThinServers.

-PXE server was not correctly stopped/started after restoring configuration.

-Fixed sync of packages that did not exist on both ThinServers.

-Restart tftp thread after restoring configuration when necessary.

-Fix disable of Terminal Server when using DNS.

-Changed queuing to better accommodate Delta V users licensing requirements.

-Fixed installation of firmware from synchronized slave. [...]

Virtualization in an Industrial Environment (Part 3)

This is the third and final part of our three part series focusing on the entire process of Virtualizing in an industrial environment.  While there is a lot of talk about Virtualizing and VDI, we wanted to focus on the viability and deployment of Virtualization in an industrial and manufacturing environment which would speak to the concerns and difficulties specific to this industry.

Part 3: Managing Your Environments?


In Part 2 of this series, we discussed whether or not Virtualization is necessary once you’ve centralized, and, if it is, how far do you go. For most System Administrators,  RDS is the easiest and most cost effective place to begin.  The need to only install OS’s and applications once, and having them deploy to multiple clients, can provide enough time savings and reduced administrative headaches that Virtualization could very well just be an added cost to a system that already does everything the end user requires. [...]

ACP Press Release

News Release

For Immediate Release: June 27, 2012
ACP ThinManager to release Munici-Pack Licensing

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA—ACP (Automation Control Products), a worldwide leader in the automation industry that provides full-feature centralized thin client and terminal server management software, has announced that they will be releasing a new “Munici-Pack” licensing option. Unlike standard ThinManager license packs that require the full installation to be in one physical location, the Munici-Packs allow a municipality the flexibility to use purchased licenses anywhere within their jurisdiction.  This licensing option uses the recently released ThinManager 6.0 Platform which has several new functions and features such as iTMC, which allows any Apple iPad to run as a portable, wireless thin client, as well as worldwide remote access capability and improved support for a wide range of hardware and components.  Specifics of the Munici-Pack License model can be found via the following link: [...]

The Future of Thin in the Cloud

With the continued explosion of cloud computing, and rapid growth in tablet sales, is there a place for more thin client growth in what is still a PC dominated landscape? On paper, cloud computing and thin client networks would seem to be in direct opposition.  The cloud allows for sharing data with no centralized storage point while thin client networks provide multiple access points to data through one centralized place or server.  And yet, these two vastly different approaches to network computing seem to be moving forward in the same direction…away from the NEED for PCs. [...]

ThinManager Platform 6 Now Shipping

News Release

For Immediate Release: May 3, 2012

ACP ThinManager Platform 6 Now Shipping

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA—ACP (Automation Control Products), a worldwide leader in the automation industry that provides full-feature centralized thin client and terminal server management software, has released its new ThinManager Platform 6 software. This release will continue to build on ACP’s ThinManager platform for the industrial automation sector by centralizing management of all user applications and resources.  This release has several new functions and features iTMC, which allows any Apple iPad to run as a portable, wireless thin client, as well as worldwide remote access capability and improved support for a wide range of hardware and components.  The new version can be downloaded via the following link: [...]

How Does Citrix Compare to ThinManager?

With the completion of the ThinManager 6.0 Launch & Training event, we are gearing up for the inevitable landslide of reviews and requests that follow a successful launch.  Some people are just hearing about ThinManager for the first time, while long-term end users are making plans for upgrading the ThinManager centralized management platform currently running in their facility.  One of the most common questions we are asked is, “Why do I need ThinManager if I already have another centralized management solution running my daily operations?” [...]

ThinManager 6.0 Launch Event Raises the Bar

Ready for Launch!
From the moment the music started and the partition wall was removed in a backlit shroud of darkness, attendees of the ThinManager 6.0 Launch Event started thinking that this was not going to be a typical expo event.  Less than 10 minutes later as the lights came up on a large room filled with rocket shaped display booths and more technology than they could shake a stick at, that feeling was confirmed.

Immediately following, Matt Crandell, CEO of Automation Control Products, took to the stage and clearly conveyed the magnitude of this event to a packed house.  There would be no product pitch or chest thumping because the ThinManager platform could stand alone without a need for bells and whistles.  There would be no “dead time” or aimless wandering because there was something for everyone regardless of the time of day.  And most importantly, there would be ample opportunity for everyone to experience a true interactive environment.  “The best way to explain the product is to put it in people’s hands and let them experience it for themselves,” said Crandell. [...]