Microsoft DCOM Hardening Impact

System updates go hand in hand with computers, even server computers. But some updates can functionally change how machines communicate or interact with third-party software. If third parties and businesses using that combination of server and software aren’t prepared, updates can have very negative effects.

Microsoft is releasing multiple Windows cumulative updates to address a vulnerability in DCOM. The Microsoft patch increases the minimum authentication level used when establishing DCOM connections.

What is DCOM?
DCOM stands for Distributed Component Object Model. DCOM is a protocol for exposing application objects using remote procedure calls (RPCs). DCOM is used for communication between the software components of networked devices.  

How do the DCOM hardening changes affect you and your ThinManager® configuration and installation?
Great News! ThinManager® has already addressed the DCOM hardening and updated our software from ThinManager Version 11 and up to secure that these changes will not affect our customers.

For those customers current on their Software Maintenance plan with ThinManager, a simple upgrade to a supported version of ThinManager will make sure that you are not affected by the Microsoft DCOM hardening.

If your organization is not current on Software Maintenancedoes not have access to ThinManager Version 11 or higher, or is simply unsure—we can help with that. Reach out to our Customer Success Team as soon as possible to get current on your maintenance plan and get your ThinManager installation upgraded to the newest version.

ThinManager Customer Success Team

For further details or help with other Rockwell Automation software and the approach to the Microsoft DCOM hardening, please visit