MailBag Friday (#45)

Every Friday, we dedicate this space to sharing solutions for some of the most frequently asked questions posed to our ThinManager Technical Support team.  This weekly feature will help educate ThinManager Platform users and provide them with answers to questions they may have about licenses, installation, integration, deployment, upgrades, maintenance, and daily operation.  Great technical support is an essential part of the ThinManager Platform, and we are constantly striving to make your environment as productive and efficient as possible.


We have a repeating video problem that started right after we upgraded to ThinManager 6.0.  We have an Advantech 3072 thin client, with one of the 6200 graphics cards fitted.  If we run the two displays at 1920 x 1080 we see 16bit color, but if the displays are spanned, then its dropping to 8bit.  Do you know if this is down to a lack of memory on the graphics card, or is it a limitation of ThinManager 6 ?

Sounds like it is a known problem with Server 2003. There is a Microsoft patch for it at:




I was wondering what options are available in ThinManager regarding monitoring/reporting on the number of times a user logs on through a WinTMC session?


WinTMC does not have any user accessible logs. The WinTMC Terminal in ThinManager does have login and logout information and reports could be run from that information. If you need even more fine grain control, Active Directory Auditing would be the way to go.




I am currently running ThinManager 5.0 and upgraded some hardware.  As a result, I had to transfer my ThinManager license to a different server.   Now I need to point my thin clients (Arista 7824-ACP) to my new server’s static IP.  My problem is that bootup of the client appears too fast for me to access a configuration screen.  How can I access the configuration screen and change the static IP of this client?

The ThinManager BIOS is configured to wait 5 seconds before connecting to IP specified. It sounds like the monitor isn’t syncing quick enough. Here is what you can do:

  1. Unplug the 7824
  2. Make sure there is a keyboard attached to the unit
  3. Power on the 7824
  4. Once the unit is done POSTing, it will beep – immediately after this beep hold down the Space Bar.
  5. Keep the space bar held down until the screen syncs, you will be shown your ThinManager Configuration info.




I  would like to run ThinManager from Internet Explorer for the purpose of terminal shadowing – is this possible?

This is not possible nor are we planning on implementing it. Shadowing, by design, is only allowed from within ThinManager to maintain a high level of security.




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